1.Hi, Are your 3M masks  sent out in the original box?

Model:  3M 1860, 3M 9132, These masks  are sent out in the original 3M box 

Model :3M 9501+, 3M 9502+, 3M 9501V+, 3M 9502V+ , These masks  are sent out in the original 3M bag.


 Model: 3M 9541, 3M 9542, 3M 9541V, 3M 9542V 

 If you order by the box, all these masks are sent out in the original 3M box.

If you order only 5 pieces or 10 pieces of masks of the model, the masks will be  wrapped in a sealed bag and sent out well packed. 


2.Does your 3M 1860 box have a 3M seal?  Thanks.

Yes, It does. 


3.Does 3M 9132 have an expiration date on it ?

Yes it does.


4.Are the 3M 9502+  masks individually wrapped.

9502+ 50 pcs  in  one Original 3M  bag, not individually wrapped.


Model: 3m 9501+, 3m 9502+, 3m 9501V+, 3M 9502+: These masks are in the original 3M bag with a 3M seal, not individually wrapped. 


 5. Are your payments secure? 

Yes, all payments are handled by PayPal or Shopify payments.

   Accepted payments

6.What is your handle time and shipping time? All free shipping ?

The masks shown in stock on our website will be shipped out immediately. Shipping time is around 2-5days; normally our clients get their order within 3days. We ship all our masks free nationwide in the United states.


 7.Where do you ship the masks?

We have a warehouse in Nevada, we ship from Nevada.


 8.Do all  activated Carbon 3M masks come individually sealed?

Yes. All of  activated Carbon 3M masks are individually sealed

Model  3M 9541, 3M9541v, 3M 9542, 3M9542V,  each of these activated Carbon 3M masks is individually  sealed.


9.What happens after ordering?

After ordering you will receive an order confirmation via email. After the order has been processed in our Mart, we will ship the package  immediately from our warehouse. 


10.Can I change or cancel my order?

Yes. If you change your mind about your purchase, you have the option to cancel or change your order before shipment. Please contact us via email  sales@betterlifemart.com for your order shipment status first.