3M 2560 ECG Electrode 3M Red Dot Monitoring 1000/CS

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3M 2560 ECG Electrode 3M Red Dot  Monitoring 1000/CS. Snap Style ECG Electrode, Adult, Foam, Wet Gel, case of  1000,  free shipping no tax. 

SKU: 3M 2560

Manufacturer: 3M

Manufacturer #: 3M 2560 

Pack:50 each /bag; 20 bag/Case,  1000 each /case

  • Multi-purpose monitoring electrodes with Foam Backing backing and sticky gel are ideally suited for the OR, ER and diagnostic stress testing applications
  • Conveniently packaged in individual strips of ten electrodes for easy use and less waste
  • Remains fresh for 30 days out of the bag
  • High performance adhesive offers instant adhesion and up to five-day wear with excellent patient skin care and comfort
  • Sticky gel delivers excellent trace quality resulting in better patient information
  • Ideal for ECG monitoring, applications requiring high adhesion and hospital-wide use

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3M 2560 -Better Life Mart

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