3M 2670-5 3M Red Dot ECG Electrode 1000/CS

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3M 2670-5 3M Red Dot ECG Monitoring Electrode, Radiolucent Cloth Backing, 1000/CS, Free shipping tax

SKU: 3M 2670-5

Manufacturer: 3M

Manufacturer #: 3M 2670-5

Pack: 5 each /pack; 200 pack/Case,  1000 each /case

  • quick-to-stick means less time wasted, and wear time up to three days means fewer electrodes used
  • Better quality and faster trace can offer time and cost savings
  • 3-day wear time means fewer electrodes used
  • Excellent trace quality
  • Potential for fewer false alarms that can waste electrodes, generate wasted paper and waste nursing time
  • Conformability and a low profile help electrodes stay in place on patients

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3M 2670-5  Better Life Mart

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