3M 9501+ KN95 Particulate Respirator 3M Mask

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3M 9501+ KN95 Particulate Respirator Face Mask, 3M Mask, bag of 50

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Manufacturer : 3M

Model: 9501+

Certified: KN95, GB2626-2006. On FDA EUA list for Covid 19 protection . 

Packing: 50 pcs/bag, Each mask is not individually sealed, 

Reminder : the regional 3M 9501+ bag has 50 pcs, if the quantity of your order is less than 50, the masks you received will not have the original packaging.

Origin: China

Mask style: Earloop 

valve: No

Protection level: kn95

Filter effect: 95%

Color: white

Nose clip: with nose clip

3M 9501+ Particulate Respirator Standard Size / Earloop,  GB2626-2006 KN95 . Soft, breathable and comfortable high quality masks,  3D design, provide strong protection against the spread of viruses and bacteria.

On FDA EUA list for Covid 19 protection

3M 9501+ KN95 Fitting Instructions

1. Place the respirator against your face with the nosepiece across the bridge of your nose. Hold the respirator on your face and position the respirator under the chin.

2. Pull the top strap over your head resting it high at the top of your head.

3. Pull the bottom strap over your head position it around the neck, below the ear.

4. Place the fingertips of both hands at the top of the metal nosepiece. Mold the nosepiece to the shape of the nose bridge by pushing inwards while moving your fingertips down both sides of the nosepiece. Pinching the respirator nosepiece using only one hand may result in less effective respirator fit.

5. The seal of the respirator on the face should be checked by the wearer prior to entering the work area.

a) Cover the front of the respirator with both hands, being careful not to disturb the position of the respirator.

b) Exhale sharply. If air leaks around the nose bridge, readjust the nosepiece as described in step 4. If air leaks at the respirator edges, work the straps back along the side of your hand. If you CANNOT achieve a proper seal, DO NOT enter the contaminated area. See your supervisor.

c) If no leakage is detected, then work may proceed. It is very important to press the nosepiece firmly to the nose bridge to form a good seal.

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