STM30-A1 Smart Transport Medium 3ML Vial Medschenker case of 1200

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STM30-A1 Smart Transport Medium 3ML Vial  Medschenker  case of 1200, free shipping no tax 


Manufacturer :Medschenker

Manufacturer part #: STM30-A1

Package : each case 12 boxes, each box  100 units, each case 1200 units

   Case 24.8x19.3x10.2 inch,  34Lb

( manufacturer old package 1000 units/ case, new package 1200 units/ case)

Certification: FDA Listed , CE marked 


Organism viability: 96 hours at room temperature

Material: Polypropylene

Shelf life:18 months or 5 days at 40°C (104°F)

Storage temperature:2 – 25°C (35.6 – 77°F)

Cap: CQ-Lock screw cap prevents leaks even in pneumatic tubes.

Can be processed using standard clinical laboratory operating procedures.

Electron beam sterilized to ensure 100% sterility.


The MedSchenker STM: Smart Transport Medium is an FDA-listed collection and transport system suitable for the maintenance and long-term freeze storage of viruses, STDs and Mycoplasma. 

The uncompromised quality of our premium components, 85% of which are from within the USA, bestow faster and more accurate results. They also inhibit bacteria and fungal flora growth, providing our STM with a shelf life of 18 months and organism viability up to 96 hours at room temperature. 

Available within a 100% polypropylene, skirted conical bottom 10 ml tube, which is compliant with 95 kPa IATA packing instruction 650 are three-volume options - 1.5 ml, 2 ml, or 3 ml. Our CQ-Lock™ screw cap will prevent leaks even in pneumatic tubes.

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